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Book Clubs

Register your book club at the Book Bin and receive a 15% discount
on your book club titles!

Stop by with the following information (or email us at

1. Book Club Name
2. Contact name, phone number, and email address
3. The number of members belonging to the club
4. The main genre of the club, if applicable, e.g., historical fiction, non-fiction, etc.

Once your club is registered, at least three weeks before the next meeting, the contact needs to let us know the title of the books and approximately how many members will be purchasing the books from us. Additionally, if you give us a list of members and phone numbers, we'd be happy to call each member when their copy comes in.* Unless instructed otherwise by the contact, we'll always order paperback editions.

*Books that receive the book club discount cannot be added to your Baker's Dozen card.